Market Insights

Gain insights about market trends, product pricing and monitor competitors.

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Gain insights about your competitors.

Always know what your competitors are doing to build and improve your strategy. From price changes to product range updates, you can monitor your all your competition's activity.

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Drive your pricing strategy based on live data.

Improve your competitive advantage by having access to full pricing data about all the products you want to offer. Get notified of sudden price updates so you can take advantage of every market opportunity and provide the best value for money to your customers.

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Brands and Vendors

Learn about customer's views on brands and vendors.

Gain actionable insights from your product's and brand's reviews. Find the strenghts and weaknesses of competing products and brands. Strenghten your offer by taking advantage of extensive information on your customer's needs.


299.- / month

Access to all the Market Insights features costs 299.- per month.