Batzo for Retail

Batzo offers numerous features supporting retailers reach customers and generate sales. Advanced insights support data driven strategic decision making and highlight market opportunities.

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Reach thousands of interested buyers

Displaying your products on Batzo gives you the advantage of being seen by more shoppers looking for the products you sell. Visitors to your online shop are already informed about the product and display an increased purchase intent. Reach an even wider audience by promoting special offers and deals.

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Increase conversions while reducing returns

Batzo offers multiple features designed to help you increase your sales such as the promotion of special offers. Merchants have the opporunity to use our sales service in order to sell products directly through Batzo. This simplifies the purchase process and increases conversion rates.

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Support customers and improve your presence

Merchants can improve the online presence of their shop by replying to reviews made by customers. Manufacturers have the ability to help shoppers by replying to questions about their products.

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Analyse your activities and get pricing recommendations

Batzo offers advanced analytics and reporting for all your activities. Discover who your visitors really are and what products they are interested in. Intelligent pricing recommendations can help you adjust product prices and generate more revenue.

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Monitor the competition and discover market opportunities

Keep an eye on what is happening on the market. Trends, alerts etc. Check pricing difference with specific competitors and for spoecific products or categories. Don't miss new products or trends and get alerted when specific promotions take place. Market opportunities are found based on an analysis of market trends, your customers and competitor activity.

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Advertise your products and promote your offers on the web

Reach an even wider audience by presenting your products and offers across the web. Batzo's selection of publishers enables the placement of products on news sites, blogs, social media and more. Collaborations with publishers and influencers help improve the online presence of your products and can boost the awareness of special offers and sales.


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